Taking Time for Me – NYC Style!

As you might know, in my previous life, I was a music teacher. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I also love musical theater and have even done a few shows in my time. And yet, I’ve never seen a Broadway show. That is, until a few weeks ago.

In early July, I flew to New York City where I saw six Broadway shows in four days. Yes, I said six. I was inspired by a high school friend who traveled to London with her family and saw a few shows there. It made me think about how I haven’t seen many shows lately and how there are so many good shows out right now. I also have been trying to take more time for me this summer (after working 50+ hours a week all last summer). I decided to book a trip.

I’ve been to NYC twice before, so I could skip most of the touristy stuff. I stayed near Times Square so I could walk to every show. I even braved the subway and the bus. I checked out both the Museum of Modern Art and a tiny bit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I also visited the 9/11 museum since it wasn’t built yet when I last visited.

But the best part was obviously the shows! The first shows I chose were Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress. I’d been listening to the soundtracks of both and couldn’t wait to see them (and they didn’t disappoint). I got to see Katharine McPhee lead in Waitress (she’s great!). I booked my trip the week after the 2018 Tony Awards, so I also booked The Band’s Visit, which had just won 10 awards, including Best Musical. I even got a picture with Tony Award winner Katrina Lenk!

The next show I chose was Hello, Dolly! While this one wouldn’t have normally been on my list, the role of Dolly Levi was being played by none other than Ms. Bernadette Peters. BERNADETTE PETERS! The legend herself! Not only that, she was playing opposite Victor Garber. I’d loved both of them since I saw them together in the Brandy version of Cinderella (which I still have on VHS, by the way). I added Kinky Boots because it seemed like a fun show (and it was). Last but not least, I actually didn’t buy tickets for Mean Girls until I was in New York and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t love the movie, but the musical is really well done.

This trip was a great little getaway for me (yes, I traveled alone). The timing was great because I submitted my final portfolio for my administration license program a few days before I left. I ate great food, including NY cheesecake and ice cream for dinner. I saw famous works of art and sites like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall (yep, still a music geek on the inside).

Too many times, I hear people say they would love to do _______, and they never do. Obviously, we can’t all afford to do everything we want all the time. But what are the things you have always meant to do and could but haven’t? Maybe a trip around the world isn’t feasible right now, but maybe there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read or a restaurant you’ve wanted to check out. What’s stopping you?

We put other people’s needs before our own. We say we’re too busy. We say we’ll do it next week, next month, or next year. But why wait? If watching my Facebook newsfeed in the past few weeks has reminded me of anything, it’s that we only have a finite amount of time and we never know when that time is up.

So do the things that are important to you. Do them now. Don’t wait for that perfect time because there won’t be one.

2 thoughts on “Taking Time for Me – NYC Style!

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