Well, I’ve officially been at the new gig for two whole months now.  It’s been a bit of a blur, but in mostly good ways.  A big piece of that time has been preparing for back to school workshops: 3 days for new teachers plus 6 additional days for all staff.  Most people in my position likely start getting to work on planning August events in late spring or early summer, so I had a bit of a disadvantage in that sense.  Still, I pulled it off (while planning and teaching workshops at two other schools that I had arrangements with previously).

So, now workshops are over and we’ve had students for a week.  I had a couple of “slow” days where I spent most of my day either jumping in and out of classrooms to watch my teachers in action or preparing paperwork for the next few days worth of teacher meetings.  In the last two days, I met with 18 teachers to start getting to know them a bit and start setting some initial plans for our coaching process (in case that doesn’t sound like many teachers, fear not; I meet with the other 30 next week!).

I get a lot of “so how’s the new job?” and “do you like your job so far?”  And the answers are “good” and “yes.” It was a bit intimidating at first to jump into a new place and try to figure things out for a position that’s never existed before. But I’m always up for a challenge!  And the teachers and staff have been extremely welcoming to me in the past few weeks. Several have personally reached out to me and have shared how excited they are that I’m here.  I feel the same way!

I read an article (read it here) not long ago that talked about finding the work you were meant to do.  While I don’t know if I have been working here long enough to know if this is really my “calling,” it definitely feels like a move in the right direction.  The author says your calling happens at the intersection of 1) doing something you’re good at, 2) making people’s lives better, and 3) feeling appreciated (see below).

I still have a lot of work to do and I have a lot to learn, but I’m heading down a good path.  I can’t wait to start spending more time in the classroom watching teachers and helping them to discover their best selves.  And if I can channel my inner musical nerd for a moment, I’d like to quote little orphan Annie and say, “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here.”