Time to Stop and Catch My Breath

Well, look at that!  It’s May already!  I’m not sure about you, but this year has absolutely flown by!  After today, my district has 19 days of school left (don’t be too jealous; we get out early because of construction and didn’t a spring break).

For some teachers, this is their least favorite time of year.  We are still in the midst of “testing season,” which seems to span longer and longer time frames every year.  Kids are getting antsy and forgetting behavior norms and routines.  In Minnesota, the weather gets nice (finally!) and all we want to do is be outside.  The list of things left to do is still quite long, but the time in which to do is growing ever shorter.

On the other hand, some teachers LOVE May! Testing is done (or soon will be), classes go on field trips, and teachers get closer to whatever it is they do during the summer months.  And here in my neck of the woods, it’s a lot easier for me to get up in the morning when the sun is out (unlike winter when it’s dark when I drive to work and dark when I drive home).

Love it or hate it, May is here and that means the year is winding down.  This year has been a unique one for me.  It’s my first year out of the classroom and my first year doing “tech stuff” full time.  While there have been days when I’d love to sneak into the nearest music room and bust out a few tunes on the guitar with some kiddos, I’ve really enjoyed getting to work more with teachers in this new role.

I look forward to summer every year.  Not only because I get a much needed break from work and more time with my family, but also because summer is my time to get ready for the next year.  While some teachers completely unplug from their day job for three months, I use that time to prepare things for my classroom.  It’s the time when I actually have the free time and space to create and prepare, which makes me ready and excited to go back to work in August.

I also love to read and summer gives me more time for that.  Sometimes, it’s reading purely for fun, but I also try to get a professional development read in there as well.  I’ll be posting another post soon about what’s on my summer reading list, so stay tuned!

This year marks ten years I’ve spent in education and every year has been different.  I’m not sure if I’ll still be around in another ten years, but who knows? This year has really changed my role in the world of education.  Not only has my job description changed, but I’ve started blogging (albeit sporadically) and connecting with other educators on Twitter and Voxer (seriously, if you aren’t on Twitter yet, you need to stop reading now and go do it).

So, in a few short weeks, you will find me splitting my time between chasing a very busy two year old and gearing up for what comes next in my world in education.  What about you?  How do you spend your summer months?  What are you most looking forward to?

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