Schedule Your Email With Boomerang!

In case you haven’t figured out yet, I am all about any technology that makes my life better or easier.  Isn’t that the point, anyway?  Well, not long ago I wrote about one solution for cleaning up your email inbox (Unroll.Me – read that post here!) and today I have another handy tool for making your email life easier – Boomerang!

What is it?  Boomerang is an extension that you can add to your Gmail or Google Apps account.

What does it do?  Boomerang allows you to have better control over your email.  The two main tools I use are Send Later and Reminders.

Send Later  Have you ever needed to send an email, but not right now?  Maybe you want to get a little work done on a Saturday morning but you don’t want to send the email until Monday morning?  Or maybe you know an email reminder for an event needs to go out in a few weeks but you want to write it up now so you won’t forget?  Sure, you could just set a reminder and write that email later, but with Boomerang you can choose!   You can choose to send your email in one hour or in one month.  You can also specify a date and time for your email to be sent.


Reminders  Sometimes I find myself dealing with some kind of issue that really needs some follow up.  In the past, I’d just keep the email in my inbox; maybe I’d star it in Gmail or maybe I’d set some calendar reminder to deal with it.  Boomerang reminders allow you to select an email conversation and set a date and time for it to return to your inbox when you’re ready to deal with it.  You can even specify that it only returns to your inbox if nobody responds.  I use that feature quite a bit.

Cost  For the most part, Boomerang is free.  You can use Boomerang up to ten times a month for free (this includes Send Laters and Reminders).  This has been more than enough for my personal use.  If you’re an email heavy hitter and you really love it, they also have monthly plans for greater usage.

Want to check it out?  Click this link here to visit Boomerang’s site, install Boomerang for Gmail or get more information.

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