Quite possibly my favorite teacher techie tool of all time!  On the simplest level, Evernote is a notebook where I store ideas I want to save for later.  But because it’s amazing, it does so much more!  I have two accounts, one personal and one professional.  In this first installment, I’ll explain how I use it for my curriculum.

In my professional account, I keep my curriculum I’ve used when I have taught music: songs, games, literacy activities, etc.  I can see the sheet music for the song (that is, a master copy for those of the Kodaly music persuasion), game directions, pictures of the books I have on my shelf and any other pertinent information.  Each note is also tagged by keyword, such as lesson theme, rhythmic or melodic concept, type of movement activity, etc. so I can easily find what I need.  This also comes in extremely handy when I need to share an activity with another teacher – email or print it out and, voila!

I also used to be terrible about filing away workshop notes.  Because Evernote allows the inclusion of photos and PDFs, I simply scan any of my handouts or notes from any workshops or conferences I attend and put them in my notebook, again tagged as necessary.  No more paper clutter and easy to refer back to my notes!

Check back for my next installment, Evernote Part 2: Planning & Preparation!