Nearpod as Project Eval Tool

This week, I’ve been using Nearpod to help students evaluate their classmates’ video projects in my technology class (see original post here).  Overall, I was pleased with the process.  The Nearpod lesson was pretty simple to create.  There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles – all of the slides of the same kind look the same.

I used the tool with both 4th and 5th grade students and both were able to use it successfully.  Students were able to give feedback on their peers’ projects as well as report about their own group’s work habits.  I was able to look at the report after the session to see how their perceptions compared with my own.

One issue we had was with some students’ devices not jumping to the next screen at the right time.  This was helped immensely when I made sure that both my teacher computer and their devices were all on the same wi-fi network.  I also instructed students to simply exit and rejoin the session if their slides ever lagged and they were able to do so independently as needed.

There were a few things about the app that I think could be improved, so I reached out to Nearpod on Twitter.  They responded quickly and will be passing my suggestions on to their developers.  I love the fact that social media can so easily connect teachers with software developers to produce better products!

I like that students can join the session at any time by entering the class code.  I don’t have to register students or create accounts ahead of time.  This makes Nearpod easy to use on the fly when necessary.  The app was easy for me to use as the teacher and very easy for my students to use as well.  They were excited to use the devices to give feedback – I doubt I would have gotten the same response for paper and pencil!


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