Skype in the Classroom…Attempt #1

I’ve been hoping to do this for years, but never had a means to connect with anyone to try it out.  Now that I’ve been connecting with other educators more frequently on Twitter (follow me! @ajforsberg), I connected with another music teacher from Illinois and we’ve made arrangements to connect our classes next week.  Today, we did a quick tech check and made sure I could get connected using my school’s sometimes sketchy wi-fi connection.  After fixing a brief mic issue on her end, we were all set!

My 3rd graders will get to meet some of her classes online and share the recorder song they’ve been working on for the past coupe of weeks.  Today, we practiced our arrangement and brainstormed a list of questions that we could ask new kids we’d never met.  We also got to see what we would look like on the big screen and how we’d need to sit closer together for everyone to be seen.  The kids are excited and a little confused (some of them still think the other class is actually coming to visit).

Have you ever connected with another class using Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.?  Any tips or tricks?

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